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Fundetec, The Foundation for the Development of Information Technology in Business and Society, was founded in October 2004 as a result of a joint effort between the Public Administration and the Private Sector to establish a stable, not-for profit collaborative framework open to the participation of any organization interested in promoting the development of the Information Society in Spain. Its primary activity focuses on the analysis, development, dissemination and dynamic access to information technology and communication on behalf of citizens, businesses and institutions.

The Foundation has been established as a quasi-public entity, represented in the public sector by: The Public Business Entity, part of The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism; and the Secretary of Telecommunications and Society of Information (SETSI). Private sector supporters include El Corte Inglés, Google, HP, Indra and Telefonica.


Fundetec has two clear objectives: to promote the adoption and generalized use of information technology by citizens, businesses and institutions; and to increase internet penetration in Spanish households and in small and medium sized businesses (SME). The ultimate goal of these objectives is to reduce the digital divide that separates Spain form the more advanced member countries of the European Union. In addition, the project aims to reduce the differences in technology penetration among various social collectives and territorial areas within Spain itself.

As such, the Foundation develops activities oriented towards raising awareness of the importance of new technologies among the different social collectives, to disseminate the advantages of its personal and professional use, and to offer training for those people who want to start using the internet and become part of the Information Technology Society.


Fundetec develops activities focused around two major areas:

  • Citizens: activities focused on digital literacy of social collectives at risk of exclusion (immigrants, senior citizens, women, prisoners, etc…)
  • Businesses:
    • Activities focused on SME, micro small and medium businesses (MSMB) and the self-employed with a goal of helping them to improve productivity and competitiveness through the use of information technology.
    • Promoting the Internet Connected Home Initiative (HCI) among businesses to incorporate employees into the Information Technology Society.
Corporate Dossier

Corporate Dossier

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El Corte Inglés

The Corte Inglés is the largest department store in Spain, offering a wide variety of goods in fashion, home furnishings, food, sports, consumer electronics, etc. while providing personalized customer service and various additional services to its clients. The Corte Inglés is present in all main Spanish cities.


Its innovative search technologies make it possible for people around the world have access to information. Founded in 1998 by two Stanford students, Google has become a great asset in all global markets. Moreover, its targeted advertising program provides businesses of all sizes measurable results, while enhancing the web experience for users.


HP develops new possibilities so that technology has a significant impact on people, organizations, governments and society in general.  HP, the largest technology company in the world, offers a product and service portfolio that includes printing services, personal computing equipment, software and IT infrastructure consulting and services–all of which aim to resolve their clients´problems.


Indra is the multinational consulting and technology # 1 in Spain and one of the largest in Europe and Latin America. Innovation is the foundation of your business and sustainability, having spent 550 M € in R + D + i in the past three years, a figure that places it among the leading European companies in its sector for investment. With sales of close to 3,000 M €, 55% of revenues come from the international market. It has 42,000 professionals and has clients in 118 is the Public Business Entity, under the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (Minetur), that is charged with promoting the development of the Information Technology Society in Spain and implementing projects of strategic importance for the Secretary of Telecommunications and Information Society (SETSI).


Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world as measured by market capitalization. Its activities are based primarily on fixed and wireless telephony, with an emphasis on the use of broadband as a key tool to develop both markets.


Clarke Modet & CoClarke, Modet & CO

Clarke, Modet & Co. is a company dedicated to consulting, management and processing of all matters related to industrial and intellectual property. The company has a network of offices in Spain and subsidiaries in Portugal and Latin America.



With 100% Spanish capital and over 25 years experience in the ICT sector, specializes in providing integrated technology solutions based on Quality and Service Excellence. Constitute its main business lines: manufacture and sale of computers, UltrabookTM, graphic workstations and servers TTL Computer ® brand; Renting Technology; maintenance services and outsourcing, consulting and implementation of turnkey ICT projects and R & D + i.

Fundetec develops several activities in the following areas (among others):

The Fundetec Awards were created in 2005 with an objective of recognizing the important projects developed by Public Administrations, private organizations and non-profit entities that work to promote the Information Society and the use of information technology among citizens—primarily social collectives with greater difficulties in accessing new technologies and businesses (specifically SME, MSMB and the self-employed). This year, the awards celebrated their VIIth edition and recognized projects in the following categories:

  • Best Project for Citizen Advancement by a Public or Private Entity
  • Best Project for SME, MSMB and Self-Employed Advancement by a Public or Private Entity.
  • Best Not-For-Profit Project dedicated to SME, MSMB and Self-Employed Advancement.

In each edition of the awards program, a jury is comprised of important representatives from the information technology industry. The jury members are charged with selecting the winners based on criteria such as: innovation and originality of the project; the applicability of the project; the usefulness of the project to help businesses achieve their desired objectives; and the value-added by the project for companies, the market and society in general.

The trophy awarded to the selected winners is an enameled glass mosaic on wood which was created exclusively for Fundetc by the artist José Luis Berrocal. Titled “On-line Game”, the trophy was inspired by a parchisi game board which challenges players to arrive at the center of the board, marked with an @, to win the game. Additionally, the not-for-profit winners receive a 15,000€ cash endowment.

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To contact Fundetec our postal address is:

Calle de Monte Esquinza, 30, 3th floor, left door.
28010 Madrid, Spain

Telephone: +34 91 598 15 40
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